Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

James Thurber

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why partners ?


I have worked for 14 years for different companies and into many functions. I realize that it is NOT the company who builds careers of employees/staff. It is the EMPLOYEES who builds a company.

Company hires an employee from executive to CEO level. Pays them Salary and takes out at least 10 times of revenue, as compared to their salary. And if Bosses don’t like the employee, they sack them or create an environment where the employee leaves. All the hard work, dedication, commitment, hours of the employee goes complete waste. Yes, the company has climbed few notches on the effort of the same employee. I think we can break this cycle.

I want to build a company where everyone gets their fair share as per their work. Not only one time, but every time. And company should always know it is them who builds the Company.

What’s the offer ?

  • Smart Gorkha is inviting everyone with Entrepreneurial mindset to join the company as sales partners for life. Students or currently working people are also welcome.
  • We will provide all necessary product, materials and field training.
  • Smart Gorkha has a recurring revenue model for Societies and a flat 20% of the revenue will be shared with these partners.

Selection Process

  • You need to fill in the form given below.
  • You will be called for Personal round of interview at Head Office.
  • If you are selected, then you have to enroll with Smart Gorkha by paying a one-time fee of Rs. 7000/-. This fee includes costs of marketing materials and 2 day training program.
  • A legal agreement will be signed between the company and the partner.
  • Smart Gorkha will arrange a 2 day training program on 1st week of every month. Selected partners needs to attend the same.

Selection Criteria

  • You must have a Smart Phone.
  • You must have a computer/laptop.
  • You must have strong communication. Language is not important.
  • Most importantly, an Entrepreneur mindset.

Registration Form

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