Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

James Thurber

Are you safe in your house?

However much less talked housing security is, it is one of the most important and neglected activities across India. The rules and regulations are very straight forward for the security in the housing compounds, but as the other important things, everyone ignores it.

Since the compulsion of CCTV cameras to be put in compounds of societies, there has been a dip in the crime rate. Thieves are already scared through the signboards of “You are under CCTV surveillance “

But, to question that, has the CCTV camera just become a sign board? How many societies actually maintain them or keep a regular check?

It’s funny that people invest in security in every form, but forget to invest in a security which makes them the most vulnerable to burglary and life threats.

The stats are disappointing to look at when it comes to increase in crime rates in the sector of Housing Security across Cities.

To start with the basics, housing units do not take care to know the detailed background of the domestic help they take, the Government states and recommends to register the background of domestic help in the nearest police station. But how many of us actually do this?  Or rather how many of us actually know this? Official Statistics say only 10% of overall domestic help in India is registered with the police and on the contrary, 40% of theft and burglary are done by domestic help itself.

The societies don’t have exact details and count of people entering the societies, even if they do; there is no way to reconfirm from the owner of the mentioned person if the person is actually expected?

In this digitalization era, the traditional security measures fail, and hence people need to resort more on digital security to safeguard them effectively.

People generally feel that affording such security comes with high costs, but that does not happen, there is no budget for self-security. But even if we try to put a number to it, it’s just less than Rs.300/- per month. “You ask how?” Yes, this budget will not get you Z plus security but will make sure you are well informed about your visitors and your family is safe when you are not home and additionally can fetch you a burglary insurance of up to Rs.10 lakhs/-

We are talking about Smart Gorkha (www.smartgorkha.com), your modern era digital security companion, which gives you the facility to track live visitor management in your house, whether you are present there or not. It provides facilities to register and keep a track of your domestic help, and you can even host gatherings at your space with the help of the application, without fear of getting unwanted visitors in the party.

It’s time we take the numbers seriously, and act on them. Follow digital security and let the Digital guard shield you and your family without making a hole in your pocket.