Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

James Thurber

This is how modern housing security is protecting us

“Looking at the newspaper, the media, etc. we feel the urge to change the world full of crimes, But how many of us actually put an effort towards it."

What if I say, there is a company, which is silently changing the way we have an approach towards the security of housing societies.

Yes, housing security, not much interesting right? To make it interesting we will put some numbers, which we Indians always like to see to understand the seriousness of a problem.

“10,422 Theft cases, 192% increase in kidnappings and 34% increase in burglary. An astonishing 43% of these crimes occurred in Homes of people when the house was vacant or only a single person was present in the house.”

The numbers are increasing and the awareness of people on the same is going down.

Amidst this, Smart Gorkha (www.smartgorkha.com), India’s largest digital security company is making a revolution in securing the housing security with the most economical and Sophisticated technology.

With just Rs.300 per month, you get a live visitor management application, which enables the house owner to receive text messages about the visitors to their premises with the name and a photograph (On the application).Every user is eligible to Rs.10 Lakhs Burglary and theft Insurance as well.

To add to the security, the domestic help can also be registered on the application to make it easy to track the monthly visits from the same.

The application even makes house party hosting easy and more secured, the invited people for the event get a specified code which they have to show before entering, hence making it less tedious for security to keep a track of the attendees and also making it more secure for the host.

With being there in the market for over a year and a half now, Smart Gorkha has already made an impact, with the reviews in their favor, and the users totally stunned by the high-end technology with such an economical prices.

So let’s all make an effort today towards secure living, Join hands with Smart Gorkha and secure your premises Today at Just Rs.300 per month and Secure your loved ones!