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Benjamin Franklin

Digitally augmented visitor management system

about app

Smart Gorkha has been designed from the ground up to be a simple and efficient visitor management system. The app has two parts; Host - For the home-owners/hosts or organization members, Guard - For the security personnel in-charge of screening the visitors. The app can be used by the guards to create visitor profiles (information and picture) using a tablet device, which are shared with the hosts. The host can then allow or deny access and thereby deter unwanted visitors. Smart Gorkha automates the process of notifying the hosts of a visitor’s arrival, either through the App Dashboard or SMS. Hosts can also monitor visitors 24x7 from anywhere in the world through the app, which uploads data securely to our private servers and performs regular back-ups.


As the Smart Gorkha admin, you will be able to use the powerful and intuitive, yet easily accessible dashboard to create, organize and regulate watchlists, schedule tasks, pre-register visitors & download reports. The Dashboard makes it easy to explore past, present, and pre-registered visitors by day.

Expected Visitors

Members can pre-register expected guests/visitors on the app, who can then gain access by simply presenting a unique code which will be sent to their registered mobile number.


No need for a huge chaos at the time of any event. Just create a code for the event and your visitors can enter without giving any details. Just share the code with your guests and enjoy the event.


Smart Gorkha allows members to register housekeeping staff and certain other recurring visitors, granting them quick access on presenting their unique code. Members can also create ID cards for house keeping.


Authorisation is a replacement for Intercom. Now you can recieve calls directly on your mobile, for any visitor walking in.

Notice Board

Now society can communicate with all members under this service directly. Any general notice uploaded by the committee, will directly be seen here.

Emergency Numbers

All emergency contacts can be accessed here. You can directly call the service you need, at the time of emergency.

Staff Attendance With Documents

No need to maintain documents of any staff in your files. Smart Gorkha allows these documents to be directly uploaded on our server.

Smart Gorkha Member Application Tutorial